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Where are you from?
I’m from Lindenwood, Illinois, a tiny spot on the map surrounded by cornfields and red winged black birds :) My childhood was quite magical, and in fact, my entire portfolio is (in one way or another) has been inspired by the landscape. I distinctly remember our yard being a wonderland: cherry & apple trees, a lilac bush, hummingbirds buzzing about, a giant yellow rosebush, and countless 4 leaf clover to be found.

Where do you live now?
I live in lovely Sisters, Oregon! 

I’m visiting Sisters! 

What would you recommend to do while I’m here?

There’s so much to do here! But here are some of my favorite things:
Coffee: Sisters Coffee Company
Brunch: Cottonwood Cafe
Dinner: Boonedog Pizza, The Open Door, Suttle Lake Lodge
Cocktails: The Open Door, The Barn

Shopping: Ju-bee-lee (in Bend), Painted Lady Antiques, Kalamazoo's Antique Mall.
Nature: All the lakes & all the mountains!
Bookstores: Paulina Springs Books

How long have you been making art? 
I’ve been making art for as long as I remember! When I was a little girl, my mom would always have her purse stocked with art supplies so I could create wherever we went! I’d draw on the back of placemats in restaurants, and was always doodling on homework, etc. I didn’t have any art classes until my freshman year of high school. It was then that I really spread my wings and dove into painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. I owe so much to my high school art teachers Mr. Dobbs & Ms. Mock for helping me develop my own style.

Where did you go to college and

what did you study?
After high school I attended the Minneapolis College of Art & Design where I studied illustration. I graduated in 2009 with a BFA and have been freelancing ever since! I felt a lot of pressure to get an in-house design position to quickly pay off my student loans, but my heart pulled me in a different direction. My Etsy shop has been my primary source of income since 2010.

Tell me about the early days of Etsy…
Wow, has the land of Etsy changed so much! In 2009 I created a print with the words “You are My Sunshine.” It’s very different from the work I do now, but something about it resonated with so many folks! It was almost over night that this print gained popularity and was featured on multiple big blogs like Decor8 and Under the Sycamore. I owe so much of early success to design blogs. Most of my notable clients have found me on Etsy. I think that the platform is the perfect place for art directors to source fresh, creative talent. Keep your shop stocked with a variety of goods & images!

What kind of paper and paints do you use?
I typically paint on cotton paper with a mix of acrylic paint and concentrated watercolors. 

How do you scan and print your artwork?
I use only Epson products for printing & scanning. 

What inspires you most?
Mostly nature, but here is a short list of specifics:
Goldfinches, meteor showers, old books, coffee shops, sunflowers, old growth forests, poetry, things with wings, open roads, creek swimming, cumulus clouds, honeybees, wild strawberries, summer thunderstorms, abandoned farmhouses, Big Sur, moon phases, purple clover, prairie grass.

Any tips on gaining a

social media presence?
Be authentically YOU! Post what you’re inspired by, what you do, what you make, & what you love. I’ve never followed a particular schedule or formula for social media — I definitely don’t think that’s necessary. The apps I like to use to edit photos are Afterlight and Mextures.

Will you paint this quote that I really love?
I typically only paint quotes that resonate with me as well! If I really love the quote you sent me, I might paint it at some point :) 

Can you change the background

color of a print? 
No, sorry, I do not alter the artwork I create.

How do you use quotes and

not get in trouble?
It’s complicated :) I highly recommend this blog post from February 13 Creative.

Do you teach workshops?
Not yet! But I might consider it in the future.

Are you available for licensing? 
Yes! Send all your inquiries to :) Thanks!

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