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Where I'm from, time does not exist...

The summer days are long and full of wonder.

Wild daisies line the fence posts, red-winged blackbirds sing songs to the meadow, and tiny toads hide in the tall grass.


As the sun sets, the yard becomes dappled with fireflies, the sky dazzles with the brightest of constellations, and the distant coyote howl becomes a lullaby to it all.


The enchantment of my prairie town stays with me always. I weave that rosy magic into everything I paint and still see the world through my childhood eyes.

I invite you along on this journey with me...

to notice the beauty that always surrounds you. To wander the natural world, learning from the flora and fauna. And to savor all the sweet moments life has to offer.


So grab a satchel,

Look to the sun,

And meet me in the meadow.


Katie Daisy

How to Be a Wildflower Book Trailer by Ghost Village Films

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