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My First Fabric Collection is here!

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I’m so thrilled to introduce my very first fabric collection, “A Wildflower Heart” with Benartex. This collection is incredibly special to me, as it’s inspired by my love for nature and the magical moments of my childhood spent in the countryside.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by the vibrant blooms of my mother's garden, chasing butterflies, and gathering wildflowers in the meadows. These cherished memories are the heart and soul of this collection. Each print captures the essence of prairies bursting with songbirds, butterflies, and bees... bathed in early

summer light.

I carefully chose a color palette that mirrors the vibrant and subtle shades of meadow flowers, providing quilters with a rich tapestry of hues to bring their projects to life. 

This collection is my love letter to the countryside and the beautiful memories it holds. I hope it allows you to create pieces that celebrate the beauty of nature and the warmth of nostalgia.

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