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We want to paint your walls!

Katie Daisy and Karen Eland have been working collaboratively since 2013. In the past several years, their art has transformed blank walls of cafes, restaurants, distilleries, retail locations, visitor centers, airports, and homes into vibrant and whimsical scenes.


In 2021, Visit Central Oregon commissioned Katie & Karen to create a series of murals that depict the area’s vibrant communities with a focus on native flora & fauna. The theme of the mural project was inspired by the cheery “Greetings from…” vintage postcards that were popular during the 1930s through 1950s.

In January of 2023, Karen & Katie decided to open their mural books to the masses! They're excited to beautify the country with florals, animals, lettering, or whatever your blank wall is yearning for!


examples of our work!

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